#SHAMOANIN #coffeeTALKers, #coffeedrinkers, #coffeemakers and all #brewers heads around the world! Welcome to my caffeine-induced video blog site. CoffeeTALKwithDRJ, was accidentally created in the front seat of my vehicle in late 2018. One might think otherwise, being a songwriter and artist, but, I hadn’t gone “LIVE” on Facebook very many times previously. Maybe here & there as I traveled… or was either attending some awesome/cool event or actually performing somewhere myself.

So, after my 1st impromptu episode of coffeeTALK from the car… the feedback and interaction on my stream, was rather entertaining and quite simply, funny! I’m not exactly sure what maybe give it a shot the next day, but once again, as it had previously… it was actually giving me some extra added influence and energy from the comments, remarks and interaction with the people who are viewing. After a few of the; ever so valuable & faithful, #RuffAngels started sharing my videos, I decided that it might be a cool to create platform, in which to discuss current events, personal issues and or accomplishments… my personal story and stuff that either erked me or that motivated me!

Why not share any joys and or information that I had learned or experienced myself. Overtime, I’ve developed a bit of a relationship with my audience & friends and have decided to up my game in an attempt to offer them more content. That, turned into people commenting about my coffee cups…which I already had a cool collection of. Which then, lit a light bulb over my head! Voila, the #coffeeTALKmug idea was born! Not to quote a phrase of the Temptations but, it was like “a snowball rolling down the side of a snow-covered Hill“.

So, here we are… Hanging out together again. Welcome to another extension of my roller coaster folx…

We share energies, opinions, laughs, perhaps; tears… and best of all, ideas, motivation and inspiration with one another! And for me spiritually, strengthening my particular community of people, friends and loved ones!
I’m nobody’s scholar, specialist or guru… I’ve just been inspired and motivated! Especially by artists, dreamers, entrepreneurs & independent business owners. Hoping to eventually, extend that particular platform to and for us all at some point, here on CoffeeTALK. Meanwhile and in between time… Let’s just give each other something to smile and talk about in the morning!
My 15 minutes of java jaw’d conversation with my #Angels, subscribers and special guests along the way, are such a great start to my day. Might be for you as well?!?  
Come by! We all hope to see you there… and that you leave with the wings to propel you into your afternoon with smiles and or a personal goal!

Stay tuned into daily (Monday through Friday) @830am (pst) for updates, YouTube post notifications, vlog uploads and special #coffeeTALKrefill episodes when #OutAndAboutWithDRJ expresso’s his way into the day! And no worries, perhaps you’re not a web browser kind of person? #wingsup… not to worry, I gotchu! If you are exclusively a Facebooker, tune into the public Facebook page @

Buckle up and let’s have a few laughs with each other…. Son Of A Legend But Making My Own Way, DRJ



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